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Gender Stereotyping at Work (STEM) and in the Toy Aisle

Good recent articles get us wondering once again what is nature and what is nurture:

  1. How Gender Stereotyping Impacts Women in STEM”
  2. Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and now Target are removing gender-based labels from its toy shelves.



“I Look Like An Engineer” SF Campaign

Have you been following the wildfire spread of #ILookLikeAnEngineer? A campaign starting in San Francisco to raise awareness about tech diversity and the faces of women in tech.

STEM and Computer Science Gender Gap

Here are some interesting links to reasons for the gender gap in STEM and computer science, and how Harvey Mudd College is successfully addressing it.


PBS interview with Markia Klawe regarding STEM and the gender gap:


Encouraging Women to Consider Computer Science: Harvey Mudd Successes


Interview with Harvey Mudd President Maria Klawe on Women in STEM:


Harvey Mudd College CS statistics:

More Visas for Technology Skills?

Should we increase H-1B visas by 20,000?  Charge more per visa to fund U.S. STEM education?  Reallocate 20,000 unused green cards to tech workers?

Where do you stand on these visa issues?  And on technology education, encouragement, and training in the U.S.?

“Brad Smith, Microsoft’s executive vice president and general counsel, said the U.S. education products only half of the graduates needed to fill the estimated 120,000 computer-related jobs requiring at least a bachelor’s degree that will be created in each of the next 10 years. “It’s a problem that’s approaching dimensions of a genuine crisis,” he argued, adding that his company has 6,000 unfilled positions, including 3,400 openings for researchers, developers and engineers.”

See Susan Hall’s full article: