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The new LG Optimus 3D Android Smartphone

Henry Nho, 3D evangelist at LG Mobile, showed the Silicon Valley Android Meetup Group  LG’s soon-to-be-released Optimus 3D smartphone last night.  With its dual camera configuration and nice integration with YouTube, we will be able to take 3D video and easily and upload to YouTube 3D!  3D tagging is automatic – no cumbersome upload process. You can connect the Optimus to 3D TV and laptops as well.

“Dual” has some significance in this product:  dual cores, channels, memory as well as the cameras. The Optimus 3D has a slidebar control for dynamic depth control.  They claim the battery life is good (but only testing will tell).

This phone is initially launching with FroYo, but will quickly upgrade to Gingerbread. It was fun to watch sci-fi video with a squid-like creature suddenly surprising me in the foreground.  One concern – be cautious not to drop the phone when surprised!  This definitely makes mobile gaming more fun.  Don’t know how long my eyes will want to keep up with the 3D challenge, but it is button-easy to switch between the two modes.  Kids, gamers, and personal video enthusiasts are going to be all over this.

Henry Nho is a very good speaker, and will challenge you to stump him with technology questions.  He gave us a great presentation including how 3D works, methods for combating “cross-talk” issues in 3D, camera separation distances, optimal viewing distance considerations for different devices, degree-of-sight ranges for your eye vs a camera, and more.  I recommend him highly for presentations.

See this smartphone on a YouTube video from Google IO:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZHwrSZ8xMg


2 Responses

  1. Henery Nho is good, I like smart people. My question is will the plaform have NFC support? 3D is great because now with any luck an app can “project” an QR tag to a reader.

  2. I’m waiting for Get LG Optimus 3D P920 Super Saver in Blackfriday 2011 Price

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