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Flash on Android

Good discussion lead by Stephen Chin ( http://flash.steveonjava.com/ @steveONjava), and Andre Krutzfelt from the Adobe AS3 team, last night at the Google Technology Users Group  (thanks Van, Kevin, Tom  @sv_gtug ).

Stephen walked us through Screen Orientation, Density Explorer, Multitouch Gestures, and Touch Point API’s on Flash Professional CS5.  Slides and video can be found on Stephen’s site.

The “Burrito” preview of CS5.5 is available, with release expected in Q2.

We saw screen shots of the newer Panda Board (next step up from Beagle Boards) for android testing set top boxes, tablets, and smartphones.  They run about $150 – $250.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panda_Board .

Flash Player and Flash applications work on Android (Froyo Android 2.2 needed as minimum to run Flash apps).  Flash applications CAN be deployed on iPhone using Adobe Air (2.5 or 2.6), though Flash Player in a web browser cannot work on iPhone.

For good development links for Android, Air, Flex, iPhone, see Stephen’s slide #35 (basically http://labs.adobe.com and http://developer.android.com ) and his lists of recommended blogs on slide #36.  See his blog for sneak peaks of portions of his upcoming “Pro Android Flash” book, co-authored by Oswald Campesato and Dean Iverson.

Random Tidbits:

  • Motorola Atrix just announced – most dense smartphone screen to date for Android (275ppi)
  • Photoshop Express is a nice, free app on Android Market
  • New Flash Player typically released quarterly.
  • Flash 11?!?!?  What?!?!?
  • Adobe Product Crib Notes:
    Flash = visual, animations, RIA;
    Flex = SDK for RIA built on Flash;
    ActionScript (AS3) = OO language similar to JavaScript
  • Android TV and Android  car (DVD & GPS)  in China:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76gTWZKSAI8

One Response

  1. Yeah it’s true that the flash player doesn’t work on the iPhone. It’s quite obvious that there’s a better support for mobile devices, especially the Android. With AIR 2.6, it gives us the advantage of iOS features. AIR 2.6 essentially lets us take advantage of nearly every platform. We have a detailed review about this product and we would appreciate your feedback.


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