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Working With a Team

I’ve made a new move, trading in much of my home office time for a shiny glass desk at Montgomery and Market that’s a-buzz with energy.  I’m pretty good from a home office at staying in contact with people via social media, phone, email chat, Skype, and good ol’ networking event attendance; but there’s something to be said about the synergies fostered by working in a room with your colleagues, teaming up to quickly put a special talent in place with a good team, and taking time together to sharpen your head-hunting and client personalization skills.  And to be honest, I love rising up out of the train tunnels in the morning into the skyscraper landscape with all it’s accompanying hustle, bustle, color, sound, and excitement.  Make that a double shot mocha on my way to the elevator!

So what’s in it for YOU?  My Clients will be getting even more specialized attention and quicker candidate search response.  Candidates – I have more positions opening for you daily/weekly than ever before.  Right now, I have Java, iOS, Android, and PHP jobs coming out of my ears, so let me know what you are looking for and send me an updated resume for starters.  And when you are in my part of town – let me know if you have time to meet!


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