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Talent Makes the Company

Talent is a critical component of any business in any economy.  Is your company working hard to attract and keep the best talent?  Your company’s HR leader needs to be focused on this because it’s PEOPLE that make the difference.

If your company has turnover, WHERE is it (which teams, which managers) and WHERE do they go?  To your direct competitor(s)?  Somewhere else?

Companies that cut costs in a recession, rather than “heads”, fare better in the long run.  This is not a knee-jerk reaction:  It is a less tactical and more strategic approach.  Cutting people breaks trust with all employees, while keeping employees through the tough times fosters loyalty.

When you are considering a new company to work with, look past the base salary and also consider what kind of culture, career growth opportunities, and creative benefits they provide.  Some HR departments allow spouses to call in to handle benefits management.  Some companies have mentoring and leadership training programs, and encourage changing teams, changing offices, and promoting internally to stay challenged in your career. Career path planning and employee retention programs can tell you a great deal about how invested the company is in its employees’ job satisfaction, and its valuation of the people who make the company successful.


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