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New Jobs and Career Niches

Here are some growing new job trends:

  1. Facilitators – Specialists of social media, collaboration tools, and telecommute solutions.  Facilitators will support distributed teams with technology and communication know-how.
  2. Green – Many existing positions will take on the new “color”, helping existing companies and teams gradually shift to more sustainable practices and skills.  This is a good time to paint your own toolbox green and reapply your skills with a fresh approach.
  3. Social Media Experts – Some strongly argue that brand control and message through social media is not just important – it’s CRUCIAL now.  Companies and individuals are struggling to grasp and adopt the social media concepts and capabilities:  Social Media Experts can keep them focused on their core competencies while bringing them into the new social media age.
  4. Generation Liaisons – Bridging between the Millennials (born 1977 – 2002) and the Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) will be an important role played by savvy GenXers (born 1965 – 1976).  The tools, attitudes, work ethics, motivational drivers, and communication preferences between the Millennials and GenXers will be an important gap to bridge.


Thanks spotlight to: Dee McCrory #DeeMcCrory and SDForum  Tech Women #sdtechwomen


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