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Using Social Media to Raise Your Status in the Workplace

The most revered people you work with are the Engineer who has five patents under his belt, the PR executive who raised her last two consumer companies into the most talked about brands in their space, or the Executive who successfully managed his last start-up to acquisition by a multi-billion dollar Internet company.  You respect and admire them because you know that their accomplishments are great.

So why are you so shy about sharing your past achievements?  Your influence factor at work is a combination of your ties to competent, successful, dyanamic individuals and your own perceived accomplishments and talent by people around you.  Your colleagues should know about why you are good at what you do.  What is the best way to let them know you are a badass without seeming like an arrogant prig?  It’s all in your Social Profile.

There are so many different social networking sites out there but many are not especially relevant or appropriate for developing your career network.  Linked In is by far the best in the space as far as professional social networks go.  Go ahead and post your (free) profile on Linked In and just include the details that make you look good.  This is not a resume, it’s the profile of your experience and accomplishments that you want to reflect to your colleagues.  Include accollades, awards, degrees and professional organizations as well as side projects that show your entrepreneurial or creative side.

Once you have a profile completed ask a couple of people to review it and give their feedback.  Is it too wordy?  Too sparse?  Make sure it is professional but does not come across self-absorbed.  Then connect with colleagues who you respect.   Post recommendations to others’ profiles who deserve your praise and you will get some back in return.

What will the hour or two investment on developing your Linked In profile and recommendations return to you?  Your colleagues will now know how talented you are (they suspected before but now they have more information to back it up) and they will also be impressed when they see the recommendations from other people they know and respect on your profile.  You’ve suddenly been raised from “good guy” status to “badass”.

~ Tiffany Felicienne


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